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Our solution for rehab and therapy centers 

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Dates & Events

We understand you.

Rehab is a wide range and must develop continiously due to constant medical progress. In addtiton to that, it is necessary to cooperate with verious partners to decide what is best for a patient and to help him recover as fast as possible.

How we support you.

With a knowledge of over 30 years in development and practical use of our solutions, PCS has become a reliable partner for rehab and therapy centers of any kind. 

Efficient administration, detailed nursing documentation, therapy and medical documentation – that is what you need our software solution for. By connecting administration and the above mentioned documentation and also the patient's electronical medical record, our solution perfectly fits to your needs. Furthermore it is user-friendly and offers a lot of functions to assist you with your daily work.  

Your benefit:

  • Central data management with 24/7 access to all data

  • Quick overview of daily events and happenings

  • Quick handeling of routine and daily work

  • Fast and safe documentation of the services you offer


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