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Our solution for health insurances

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

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How we support you.

We assist you to strengthen your market position and focus  on the future trends. Statutory provisions and functional requirements for health insurances are taken into consideration. Our solution is state of the art and combines data management and reduceses expenditure. For you, it is a solid base for your future business.

In addition to a central patient mangement, therapy planning and documentation, we also offer electronic mail systems such as EDIKUR and EDILEIST for Austia, but also analogue solutions for the German and Swiss market, which are fully integrated in our system.


Your benefit:

  • User-friendliness

  • Central data management with 24/7 access to all data

  • Perfect occupancy rate and quick overview

  • Quick and high quality documentation of the services you offer

  • Paperless accounting for services for a quick handling

We understand you.

Health Insurances have to handle a lot of pressure caused by the persisting changes in the health sector. Furthermore health insurances have to increase their own competitivness to strenghthen their market position. An important role  for making health insurances efficent is the IT infrastructure which makes it easier to match statutory provisions. 

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