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Our Patient Data Manangement System for critical care units simplifies work and may safe patients' lifes. Due to the process-optimized functions it saves time and gives an overview of the most relevant medical parameters.  
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The Patient Data Management System is user-friendly, well-structured and modern. 

In addition to that, our solution is to be touchable and offers a complete electronic way without any time-consuming paper documentaton. Nursing and medication as well as medical prescriptions can be placed. The automatic data transfer and the the balancing save time, too. Straight at the patient's bed all results are shown.


More benefits

  • Planning and tasks are highlighted which makes the communication between different sections easy

  • The application is easy to handle

  • A "treatment assistent" guides you through the workflow 

  • The medication can be prescipted as a product or agent. Any kind of duration and also changing dose is accepted.

  • Individualizable overviews for diagnosis and reports available

  • A tablet offers a mobile and direct possibility to decide


Technical Detail

In this overview you will find all relevant facts about our PDMS solution.

The modern surface is user-friendly and matches the standard needs. All relevant medical, nursing and therapeutical information are completed at the point of care. 


The software can be integrated in our HIS and has a unique pump interface, 

Einzigartiges Pumpeninterface, plug and play for medical equipment, hybrid installations pssible

Technical Requirements

Available for desktop and tablet 


Admission, Diagnosis, Therapy Planning, Treatment, Accomodation, Discharge, Accounting etc.


Medical Products Class IIa

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