Surgery Documentation


The surgery devision is a central part in most hospitals. A well-planned surgery is very important for the following therapy. Our solution is to optimize existing ressources and to improve quality.


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Our surgery documentation allows to plan long term surgerys but also supports the daily unplanned business an documents all steps required.     The solution includes all possibilities to manage as many surgeries as there are with the highest quality level.

It is easy to coordinate tasks and steps during a surgery which is necessary for the patient and your efficiency as well. Our software is to safe ressources, increase capacity and  allows a perfect coverage.


More benefits

  • Reduce costs by an excellent planning and management

  • Simplyfies the clearing due to a perfect documentation 

  • Overview of all stocks, materials and surgery progress

  • Optimized processes and best possible planning in any situation


Technical Detail

In this overview you will find all relevant facts about our surgery documentation.  

Relieve your staff and your budget with our Surgery Documentation. This will also lead to  a high level of happiness within your team and satisfy your clients as well.   

Architecture and Developing Area 

Progress software and data bases

Technical Requirements

Available for desktop 


Managing and planning appointments and ressources, Overview of all operating rooms, surgery state including different surgery phases, documentation of the services, ressources and materials consumed.   n


ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:201

Reports and Dashboards

Surgery Reports, Surgery Management Key Figures

User Rights Management

Individual user rights gan be given for a highes possible security level.