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With our Therapy Planner it is easily possible to manage ressources, staff, rooms and devices under the consideration of the patient's desire. Planning is efficient and flexible.
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Our Therapy Planner is reffering to a databased planning software to manage appointments of  patients, staff, rooms and activities. Time tables for the involved persons can be printed automatically.

All services are recorded and can be cleared with the relevant paying agency.  Prescribind medicals, the planning team and therapists are linked with each other to share any information in real-time. 


The solution has been developed together with the users' experiance to match their requirements best possible and has been updated to be state of the art ever since. In addition, individual rights for different users can be given to increase the security. The application for therapists as an optional feature makes your work modern, paperless and the most flexible.

More benefits

  • Clear overview of appointments and printable timetables for specialists and patients.

  • With the app, all data is available anytime and anywhere in real time.

  • Easy billing due to comprehensive documentation of all services provided.

  • Optimized processes due to the best possible coordination and allocation of resources and the appropriate use of therapies.


Technical Detail

In this overview you will find all relevant facts about our Therapy Planner.

With our solution to plan therapy a centralized management of all ressources involved is possible. Being independent from any device, paperless and real-time work is your daily benefit.  

Architektur und Entwicklungsumgebung

Webbasierte Lösung


Lösung kann vom Desktop, Tablet und Smartphone gestartet werden


Ersteinschätzung, Beurteilungen, diverse Visualisierungen, zentrale Planung nach Prioritäten im Ordermonitor, Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten


Kann vollständig in andere KIS, Datenbanken integriert werden.

Benutzerverwaltung und Berechtigungssystem

Es können individuelle Lese- und Schreibrechte definiert werden, um die Sicherheit zu erhöhen.

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