Automated warehouse for pharmacies
Riedl Phasys with its gripper arm is the fastes modular automated warehouse for pharmacies. It matches your requirements and grows with your business. 
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The health sector is cost sensitive and suffers a lot of pressure which can affect the economic situation of hospitals and pharmacies in a negative way. Yet again, shortages in staff, bureaucracy and time-consuming tasks such as finding and sorting medicals, are an additional challange. 

With the Riedl Phasys automated warehouse you have the solution for all your challanges. We customize our atuomated warehouse according to your individual requests to automize manual processes in your pharmacy which safes you space, time and money.


Perfect solution for every pharmacy

Technical Detail

In this overview you will find all relevant facts about our automated warehouse for pharmacies.

Reliable, efficient and safe - it grows as fast as you do. Wireless technology has been used to create this compact automated warehouse with its state of the art gripping arm.


Multipicking Technology with medication output  individually placeable.


Space-saving, multipicking for higher workload


Different colours available

Energy consumption

Average energy consumption of 0,4 Kw/h 


Depending on version

Velocity of gripping arm

5 meters per second

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