Blood Bank Information System 

eDelphyn is a web-based software solution develped according to interantional standards. It allows to administrate the full process of blood products, starting from the donation to the transfusion.  
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Our software solution eDelphyn covers all your expectations: With deep market know-how we match the highest quality and offer a safe and efficient Vain-to-Vain solution with eDelphyn. Now, your staff can focus on the patient which is the most importan part.


eDelphyn administrates the full range of blood procucts, starting from the donation to the transfusion, but also cell therapy and analysis laboratory. In all, it matches the requirements of more than 50 differenz countries, where it has already been implemented. 

In addition, umbilical cord blood banks, histoid pattern and human donor milk banks can be shown with eDelphyn. Innovative technologie, user-friendliness and an extreme scalability which allows a partial implementation makes eDelphyn a software solution which is perfect to improve and advance information and invest in your patients.

More benefit

  • Web-based solution and not depending on devices

  • Cost efficiency due to optimized processes and low licence fee

  • Improve quality with statistics, reports and dashboards

  • From a single source: From vain-to-vain


Technical Detail

In this overview you will find all relevant facts about our vain-to-vain solution.

We aim to a high digitalisation level which starts with the donation and goes on to the transfusion. That is important to have complete records but also to fasten processing time.

Architecture and Developing Area

Web-based solution

Technical Requirements

For all devices (Desktop, tablet und smart phones) 

Moduls available

Blood Donation, Transfusion, Cell Theraphy and Umbilical Cord Blood Banks, Histoid Pattern, Clinical Lab (LIS), Human Donor Milk Banks


ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2012, GMP

Reports and Dashboards

Statistics and Reports

User Managemenat and Allert System

Individual read and write access to different user groups for more safty