Our diagnostic platform

Our solution offers an easy way to connect and exchange experiances and information between medicals, patients and nursing staff. This can be done not depending on any place or device. 
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Our diagnosis platform allows a secure exchange of information such as reports, pictures, x-rays etc. Medicals and patients can manage data and give access to other personson demand. 

Our software supports collaboration within and outside an existing organization to find solutions hand in hand. Medical records can be administrated by the patient. In addition, meetings can be held virtually as our solution is web-based and accessable with any device at any time. 

It does not only optimize the efficiency of meetings, but raises also the quality of a clinical and therapeutical treatment of a patient due to the shared information. The diagnosis platform decreases the number of call attempts, reduces ways and and controlls the exchange of data on a secure invireonment. 

More benefits

  • The diagnosis platform reduces travel expense and simplifies clinical collaboration

  • Exchange of Information between clinical staff is focused

  • Accessable from any device at any time and any place

  • Full control and secure data exchange for medicals ant patiants


Technical Detail

In this overview you will find all relevant facts about our Diagnosis Platform.

Our diagnosis platform offers main functions to exchange medical  data. The user decides which data is accessable to whom. Meetings can be held at any time with any device and everyone involved will profit from the shared Information.


Architecture and Developing Area

Web-based HTML5 solution, fully accessable through the internet

Technical Requirements

Accessable with any device such as desktop or tablet  


Overview of cases and topics, inviting colleagues to exchange data, independin from a location, view comments and reports, communication between medical staff and patient, archive health data, digital signature 



Compatible with other HIS, PACS oder diagnosis systems 

Reports and Dashboards

Overview of all cases, reports and individual discussion groups for special topics

User Rights Management

Individual access rights can be given for the highes possible security level.