Nursing Documentation

Our full solution for nursing staff displays all offered nursing services and also allows to plan, code and book them straight at the point of care.
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The strict rules for nursing staff and the high administrative workload spend on that is more and more charging the staff and makes the staff spend a significant part of shift with documentation.

Our nursing documentation matches all requirements and can be done in one system as well. It contains all relevant tasks and activity Reports possible in nursing - starting from home care of elderly persons to assisiting patients in a foster home and caring of the sick in hospitals and  critical care units.


More benefits

  • Centralized single core data

  • Quick overview of the daily happenings

  • Quick handeling of routine tasks

  • Fast documentation of patient data in a high quality

  • Accounting according to legal requirements

  • Modern layout and user-friendliness


Technical Detail

In this overview you will find all relevant facts about our Nursing Documentation.

Our nursing documentation allows to plan and record all internationally known nursing diagnosis considering all standards andoffers an easy overview. Users can navigate through the complete nursing process.  

Architecture and Developing Area

Progress software and data base


Diagnosis according to NANDA, ENP, POP, and ICF  are pre-installed.


Anamnesis, Planning, Care Hypothesis and Diagnosis, Nursing Records, Planning Staff, Skin and Wound Management, Work Instructions, Material Description, Texts, Activity Records etc.


ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2012

Records and Dashboards

 Records and Scores, Nursing Dashboards, LEP-Statistics, Pain Records, Shunt Records, Dietary Record , Anamnesis Monitor, Risk Range etc.

User Rights Management

Individual user rights for a high security level.