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What is so smart about smart working?

"For me, as for many, the corona situation has brought a significant change to the daily working life. Home office comes along with loads of advantages. For example there are no traffic jams, no undesired distractions by colleagues or executives. Working in a familiar surrounding boosts creativity and the convenience of working at home can be a kick starter for productivity. Home brewed coffee is priceless. Last but not least it is the best way to stay healthy these days.

Of course all these advantages only work out, if there is an infrastructure one can rely on. Now all the communication tools used from time to time to make communication more convenient, are put to the proof. Sometimes the crash is very hard, when they hit the bottom of reality – especially if there is no alternative such as in a corona situation. A productive and easy to use communication tool like this must provide text, speech, video and file sharing in real time. It has to be high performant and safe. It must fit the complex data security regulations and it has to be independent to any platform or device. And all of this in a private cloud? Impossible?

Glad I can use one of our products from our portfolio. Health Meeting is a software solution that helps legions of doctors, nurses and patients to fit their daily needs without being restricted by physical borders, organizations or regulations. Want to know more?"

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Markus S. Hohenwarter

PCS Business Development Director

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